Welcome On Shree Balahanuman Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, 


We are Shri Bala Hanuman Ayurved Mahavidyalay in Lodra Gandhinagar, Gandhinagar-Gujarat is one of the top Ayurvedic Colleges in Lodra Gandhinagar


It is located in the college campus of Shri Balahanuman Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, which is in rural area of North Gujarat, and is the only of its kind in whole of Gujarat. This Hospital of 100 cost-free beds for treatment by Ayurved. Lakes, temples, trees and gardens of Ayurvedic herbs and plants etc. surround the campus of the Ayurved College, Hospital and Pharmacy, and they offer a beautiful, scenic landscape ensuring peace of mind and an atmosphere conducive for meditation of nature.

Village Lodra enjoys full amenities like electricity, water, railway, bus, etc. The Ashram has been rendering the excellent social service, in terms of money with an unselfish objective of human service, in completely peaceful, eco-friendly and pollution-free atmosphere of rural area, by Ayurved medicines and therapies introduced by His Holy & Reverend Ayurvedacharya Shri Balramdasji.



Shri Balahanuman Ashram & Ayurved Vikas Mandal is two distinct but complementary organizations under on roof. In the year 1942, His Holy and Reverend (Saint) Shri Balramdasji Maharaj, (reverently called as “Mota [senior] Bapji”), established a Temple and an Aushadhalaya (a shop/store of Ayurvedic Medicines and Preparations) in the name Shri Balahanuman Ashram, with the object of providing social services to the society in general and to the poor and needy persons in particular. The activities of the Ashram (a hermitage of persons devoted to meditation), under his auspices, include running Ayurvedic Dispensary, maintaining Gaushala (stable for milk-giving cattle, mainly the cows), and Sanskrit Pathshala (school).


The Aushadhalaya has been conducting research and manufacturing and making patent Ayurvedic preparations and medicines, some of which are proved much effective where the allopathic medicines and therapies have failed.  The formulas of these Ayurvedic preparations and medicines are so ancient and proven that they are used as standard medicines, rather than using them on trial and error basis. For the supervision, coordination and control of all these activities His Holy and Reverend Saryudasji (reverently called as “Nana [junior] Bapji”) has been assisting him.


Managing Trustees :

1 Saint. Saryudashji Maharaj Successor of the Balaramdasji Maharaj. Shree Balahanuman Ashram,  Lodra, Mansa, Gandhinagar 02763285521
2 Shri MadhaBhai VarvaBhai Lodra, Mansa, Gandhinagar 09427368718
3 Shri Shanti Lal Mohan bhai 1701-1702, Mamta Hight, Devi Cross Len, Borivalli (East)- Mumbai 09773056788
4 Dr. Radhe shyam N Gandhi Aanand Hospital Mansa, Gandhi Nagar 09426559403
5 Shi Rajeshbhai

Gordhandas Gupta

A-11, Ishita Tower,Saamved hospital, Nr. Stedium Petrolpump, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 09424033665
6 Shri ShmabhuBhai

SendhaBhai Patel

Lodra, Mansa, Gandhinagar 09925741248
7 Shri Shyamlal Harilal Shah Vyapari Gin, Kalol, Gandhinagar 09825040807
8 Shri Vishnubhai D Raval Ranasan , Vijapur, Mehsana 09925857730
9 Shri Baldevbhai Narayanbhai Patel Kanta Niketan, 7- Sadbhav Bunglow, Opp OM Tower, Sahibagh, Ahmedabad 09898123111